University of Michigan Work Connections Illness and Injury Assistance

About the program

University of Michigan Work Connections Illness and Injury Assistance

Work Connections is an integrated disability management program developed by the University of Michigan to assist you—and your supervisor—when you've had an illness or injury that prevents you from working. The program will provide assistance through your recovery and help facilitate your return to work. Work Connections, which is available for all regular non-student faculty and staff, is designed to help with illnesses and injuries—whether they occur on the job or not.

We work with other programs and services at the University to ensure that you, and your supervisor, have convenient and centralized access to a wide variety of resources and support. Work Connections will, among other things, coordinate the services of nurses, therapists, physicians, and other professionals interested in your recovery as well as ensure that you have appropriate return-to-work support such as job analysis, vocational rehabilitation, and ergonomic consultations.

How Work Connections helps

When your illness or injury is reported, we’ll listen to your—and your supervisor's—concerns, gather some basic information about your condition, and tell you about Work Connections and how the program can help you. Our primary goal is to provide support for you through your recovery and safe return to work. The services offered by Work Connections are always free.